Gerda Berkhout – Personnel and Organization Manager

Since January 2017 I work almost fulltime at Beekmans Tandartsen in the position of P&O Manager.
I am responsible for the personnel affairs and the organization (planning, turnover, procedures).
Previously I worked for 30 years at NH hotels. I worked fulltime for three years as Personnel Manager (that’s where my heart lies) at Hotel NH Jan Tabak; after that part-time at the Sales & Marketing and Banquet Sales departments where I mainly learned commercial skills. 8 years ago I returned to the HR department at NH Headquarters in Hilversum and Hoofddorp. The short lines of communication at Beekmans Dentists are a relief, as well as working in a small team where – just like in the hotel business – quality and fine work are of paramount importance.

Beekmans Dental Practice