Natural dental care

Not all the materials used in dentistry are harmlesss, that's the conclusion Hans came to after 30 years in practice.

Lingering pain, irritation and hyper-sensitivity commonly occur in connection with dental health.  Antibiotics and some other medicines are very useful in emergencies, but they also cause side effects in the body which don't occur when using biological alternatives.  The use of vitamins and other food supplements has a very positive efffect and doesn't cause side effects.  When you get down to it, teeth are only one part of your body, they don't exist on their own and this has to be considered by your dentist too.

Throughout his career Hans worked hard to find the most harmless materials for his patients and he sees this as one of his most important achievements.  However, developments in this area continue apace and we always keep ourselves up to date so that we offer our patients state-of-the-art solutions. 


Some of the details that make our practice different:
  • most of the materials we use are natural and toxin free

  • we don't use amalgam or any other materials which contain mercury
  • we also use the minimum amount of composites, given that they can also be toxic

  • we encourage you not to use fluoride-based toothpastes.  They do prevent tooth decay, but they are poisonous to the body

  • in certain circumstances we advise the use of vitamins if it seems that there is not enough in your diet

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