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Pain or emergency

In the case of a broken tooth (sport, accident)or bleeding (after surgery or removal of a tooth, you should call the surgeon or dentist immediatley.  Then make sure that you get there as soon as possible, at least within half an hour.

Outside of practice hours, you can always call the Dentist Intermediary Office, there is always someone there to answer you.
Dentist Intermediary Office: 020-3034500

Warning: Don't use aspirin, chefarine 4, Ascal or similar (with acetylsalicylic acid) painkillers,  these may cause after-bleeding.

Preferably, take a natural pain killer such as Bluem Oral gel. This gel is only available via the practice.  The complete product range can be found at Other natural pain killers include Kamillosan, rinsing with salt water or the use of cold compresses.  If it is very painful you can use paracetamol or, in extreme cases, ibuprofen. 

In the case of a loose tooth, put it back in the mouth in the place it came from.  It doesn't even matter if you put it back the wrong way round!  Don't wipe it clean, and absolutely don't use bleach or milk on it.  The only acceptable cleaning would be to lick it.  Anything other than saliva can permanetly damage the surface of the tooth.

For less urgent emergencies 
 such as a thick cheek, thick jaw or toothache, call the dentist as soon as possible. If necessary, use a natural painkiller as described above.

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In emergencies,
call 020-3034500

If you cannot make an appointment, or need to change or cancel it, please let us know at least 2 days in advance.  Changes without sufficient notice will be charged.