What is the difference between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry? 


At first glance there appears to be little difference between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.  However, there is a very big difference if you look more closely.  Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the beautification of the teeth, so that they look nicer, whiter or better aligned.  Unfortunately this approach ignores the health and preservation of the teeth themselves. For example, a perfectly sound tooth may have its enamel ground off and replaced with a white facing just to make it look straighter.

Aesthetic dentistry is more concerned with the conservation of natural teeth. It would approach the above example using a brace to straighten the teeth followed by bleaching afterwards.  In this way teeth retain their own natural beauty, don't become damaged and so remain alive and strong for a long time.

Aesthetic dentistry adheres to strict standards, while cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with camouflaging rather than conserving.

After an aesthetic treatment you'll have beautiful teeth which also look natural and have become stronger thanks to the quality of the repair.  Cosmetic dentistry produces teeth which you look white and straight, but underneath can still be crooked and brown as well as wholly or partially abraded.

This is why we prefer to use aesthetic dentistry in our practice.

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